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Game Guardian APK (or Game Guardian) is an android app to modify coins, gems, etc of android games by using technique of memory modifying. Game Guardian has been downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide making it one of the most downloaded app not available on Google Play store.

Game Guardian is the app that is loved by so many game lovers. If you are a game lover and want to watch the game online and play online games then it is very best app for you. Well there are lot of apps are available and we can use that apps to watch and play the games online.

Game Guardian is a powerful yet easy to use, supports maximum number of games and is compatible on latest android versions; Lollipop and Marshmallow. You can download Game Guardian freely without any survey as well as read detailed step-wise procedure on using Game Guardian on this site.

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Game Guardian

Warning:- There are many fake sites that are providing download links to modified version of Game Guardian that contains virus. So, we request you to download from our official site only and share with your friends.

Rooted android 2.3+.
Note:– Game Guardian works only on rooted devices. If your device is not rooted, please root it first with our root app for android.
If you don’t want to root your device and still want to modify games, please read our post Lucky Patcher no root. lucky Patcher is similar app to Game Guardian and works on non Rooted Devices too.


  1. Game Guardian from our site. Click Here to Game Guardian Apk Download.
  2. Install it.
  3. Open Game Guardian. You will see following window.
  4. Press back or minimize game killer. Now you will see the game guardian icon floating on your screen.
  5. Open the game you want to hack and play it. Collect some coins or game score or anything you want to hack.
  6. Click on the Game Guardian icon on the top. You will see “Input number to do exact search………”. Enter the number of coins or scores or any item from the keyboard. Press search button and tap auto identify in upcoming window. Suppose if you have 1000 coins, enter 1000 from bottom keyword and tap search.
  7. If it shows multiple values, play game again, collect more items and search again until it shows single value.
    After it shows single value, tap on it and change it to any value you want. As in above example, If you enter 99999 now your coins will change from 1000 to 99999.
  8. Keep on hacking other items in same way. You can try fuzzy search, floating number etc yourself. Trying yourself is the best way of gaining knowledge. Just try everything until you get what you want. It seems quite confusing at first but it is easy after you use for some time.

Game Guardian Features

There are loads and loads of cool features you will get from this amazing app. Check some of the top features so that you can have an idea about the capacity of this application.
• You can get unlimited resources from this app.
• It has a beautiful user interface that works very well on different platforms.
• This app can hack any game including 8 Ball Pool.
• It is updated on a regular basis so that you always get the better version.
• You can certainly enjoy plenty of cool features including unlimited health.
• Apart from that, you can also hack some of the paid games.
• It works perfectly well on the latest versions of Android.
• You can play this app on platforms like Lollypop, Marshmallow, and KitKat.
• The best thing about this app is that it is free of any cost.
• It even supports iOS devices as well.
• You can also insert an exact number of coins and money in any game.
• With this app, you can control the speed of the game as well.

So, these are some of the top-notch reasons why Game Guardian is one of the most downloaded apps at the moment. Cool Interface, Incredible features, and free of cost the primary limelight of this app for the users.


What is Game Guardian?

Game Guardian is basically a tool that offers the opportunity for the users to manipulate the stats of the game with just a single click. Yes, you heard it right!!! Normally, you have to purchase the resources in order to unlock the next stages or wait for endless hours to get a handful of coins. But, in this case, the script is entirely different.

With this software, you can achieve unlimited coins, money, health, ammunition and other features of the android games. Now you don’t have to worry about the limited sources of the games. Basically, it works on the cutting-edge code injection technology that allows you to modify the game as per your needs. Isn’t it Cool?

What is Game Guardian Apk?

So, the only thing you need to do is to download the Game Guardian APK file on your Android device and starts your game and get the unlimited sources. Moreover, it is easy, simple and absolutely safe to use. So, don’t worry because we will explain you each and every detail below.

Game Guardian is an app that improves the quality of the video games and videos that you watched in your mobile phones. It will modify the level of the quality and improves it legally without  any illegal methods. Well the Game Guardian works on the concept of the code injection that code injection will done on the runtime when any parameter is going to start. The advantage of the Game Guardian app is that if there are so many process in the game and they are taking so much time then you can modify the process that you want.  You can leave the background apps in your mobile phones by this app.

We can see that the use of the Android phones are increased day by day and there are so many free apps are available to download but this apps  does not progress in fast manner but they takes time but we can use such apps that will  remove the unwanted time consumption and gives us speed and the Game Guardian is best suited for that.

How to Download Game Guardian Apk ?

To be very honest, downloading and installing this application onto your device is as easy as chewing bubble gum. Hahaha!!!
Let’s get started.
• The first step is to download the Game Guardian file from our link.
• The second step is crucial now. You have to allow the app from unknown devices. All you need is to go to setting and enable the unknown sources.
Let’s make it more clear.
Settings >>> Security >>> Unknown Sources.
• Download Game Guardian APK file and allow your device to install it.
• Make sure to keep your device rooted.
• The message will pop up and that’s it.
• Enjoy the cool features.

How to use Game Guardian?

• After downloading it, install it on your device.
• Open the Game Guardian Apk, and a window will pop up.
• Now, minimize the app and now you will see a small icon on the top of your screen.
• Go to any game you want to change the resources.
• After opening the game, click on the Game Guardian icon and enter the value you want to change. If you want to add 100 coins, then type 100 and press the search button.
• Simply tap on the search and get your desired results.
• Enjoy.
For your convenience, here is a video tutorial for you.

How we can use Game Guardian?

Game Guardian is the best app to play games online to get the benefits of the unlimited coins, gems and money. To download this game you need to go to the official website and from there you can download it.  It will gives you fun and you can enjoy the games by increasing your entertainment level.

Game Guardian for PC

GameGuardian is one of the most exciting apps that brings the luxury of all the game lovers to change the resources of the games easily. In the previous Game Guardian APK versions, you can only run this tool on root devices, but now with the Game Guardian no Root APK, you have the ease to use this app without bothering about rooting the device.

Another thing that I also want to explain to you is that this app only works on those games that can be accessed without internet. It means that Game Guardian no Root APK is not applicable to premiership games like Clash of Clans, 8 Ball Pool and other top-notch games that can’t be played offline. So, before downloading it, you must have to keep in mind that this app will not work on premier online games like I mentioned above.

Game Guardian Hack

Game Guardian Hack is an app that helps you to inject some code in the game by which you can go to the next level of game by skipping  some stages of the games. Instead of that you can inject some code in the videos through the Game Guardian Hack due to which you can improve the quality of the videos and you can enjoy the game and the videos very well.

When you will install the Game Guardian Hack in your mobile phone or in your device then you can leave the apps that are running in the background. For this you need to run the games and then open the Game Guardian Hack select the process of the game that you want to modify.  You can get the unlimited number of  coins and gems in the game  by injecting some code. There are various moments comes while we are playing the games and we are near to lose the points and some more stages will come. For that situations Game Guardian Hack is the best app to move forward in the games and to achieve unlimited coins, gems etc.

Why we using Game Guardian?

There are some encrypted codes and values are present in the game but Game Guardian allows to alter that values  illegally.  You can get the unlimited amount of money by using this game. You don’t to worry about the installation you can download it and install it on every processor like 32 but or on the 64 bit. It is compatible with the every version of the Android. The most coolest thing is that you can control the speed of the Game by Game Guardian.

Game Guardian No Root APK Features:

As you all know that there are plenty of exciting features of the Game Guardian Apk, and that’s the primary reason for the huge popularity of this tool. So, in Game Guardian no Root APK (latest version). There have been some extra features added by the developers and these are as follows.

• Game Guardian APK version lets you the opportunity to control the internal clock of the game, hence you can change the timings of the game.
• On the higher Android platforms like LollyPop, Marsh Mallow, KitKat, it works perfectly well.
• Once again, the latest version of the Game Guardian APK is free of cost.
• It is pretty safe to use on your device.
• The best part of this tool is that you can add an exact number of coins in any game.
• You will always get the error-free results due to its regular
• And many more.


Basically, there are not many apps available online that works on root free devices. This latest APK version offers the luxury to use this app on unrooted devices as well. So, enjoy cool features of this tool. Well, Game Guardian is the best app to play games online to get the benefits of the unlimited coins, gems and money. To download this game you need to go to the official website and from there you can download it.  It will gives you fun and you can enjoy the games by increasing your entertainment level. We can see in many games there are lot of  stages are there. Due to which  the playing of game become a time consuming process and if you want to get unlimited coins, points, gems by illegal hacking then we can use Game Guardian app.

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