Game Guardian – How we can use Game Guardian?

 Game Guardian – Well for the beginners and cheater it is the best app by which you can mod and alter the Android games. It’s basic principal is it scans the  value after that  it calculate the offsets and change the value due to which the  you can increase the speed of your game. Now I am going to tell about the procedure that how you can use it.

  • Very first step is that you need an Emulator and  you have to root your Android device.
  • Then download the APK file of the Game Guardian.
  • Now the play in which you want to cheat.
  • After that start the Game Guardian app and then attach it with the game  you are playing.
  •  Tap on the search icon and if you don’t know the value that you want to change then you set that value as auto.
  • After that search for the money,health, points and coins whatever you want.
  • You will get result of that values when you will search for it.
  • Now go into your game and do some action so that we can check that the value is changing or not.
  • Now do this process until you have values < 10.
  • Now you can change the value by tapping on it and set it as 999999 or any value that want to set.
  • There is a Game Guardian icon. When you will tap on it you can increase the speed or you can decrease the speed of game.
  • That’s it. Now you can use it to get unlimited number of coins, gems, points and health.

Game Guardian Usage 

Some people are not using this app because they think it is not safe and it will cause harm to our device. but I want to inform you that you can use it is completely safe and secure. It will not cause any harm to your device and instead of that it has memory  editors for online games means that creates copies of itself and that copies can not be detected by the anti hacking measures. You only need is a rooted device and an emulator.

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How we can use Game Guardian?

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