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Download Game Guardian is a blockbuster application that can be used to change the value of any games and apps. You can also alter the value of offline Android game and it can also modify the value of some online games likes: Angry birds 2, Ludo bing etc. Download Game Guardian is a powerful hacking tool because of this hacking functionality it is not available. But here we are providing you the original file of this app and you can download this app.

GGuardian Download

Game Guardian app is basically used to customize the content that is present in the game itself. As we all know that there are number of apps are available in Google play store. Android user always want to explore the collection of this apps. Android is an open source operating system in which almost all the apps are available at free of cost. Users can enjoy each and every feature of Android through this apps. Users are in love to access this apps. That is the thing the developers continuously trying to create new apps in the market.

But not all the apps on Google play store are available at free of cost. The developers of some games and apps put restriction so we can’t access them completely. To overcome this problem an app is introduced in the market which gives you complete control on games and apps and the name of the app is Game Guardian Download.

Guardian Download


Game Guardian App is the alternative of some hacking tool like SB game hacker and game killer tool. The problem with app is that it doesn’t works well with latest version of Android. If you are an Android user then you need to fulfill any system requirement. But one thing you need to do is Guardian Download needs root access to overwrite the games and apps value. So must have root access in your phone.

Requirements of GameGuardian App:

  • Only one thing that is the root access.
  • The app requires root permission to overwrite the value of games and apps and to give this permission you phone must have root enabled option.
  • Without root enabled option the app doesn’t work in your phone. So before downloading this app make sure
  • your phone has root access.

How to Download Game Guardian ?

As the only one main requirement of this app is that your system must have root access because the app need special permission to edit the files of the app of your Android device.

Users who want to download the app here are some instructions that you have to follow. The instructions will help you to download the app and it is very easy to download it.

  1. Firstly you need to Download GameGuardian App on your Android device. You can download the app from the below link.
  2. When you download the app you need to enable unknown resources in your smartphone setting. For that go into setting option of your device search for the security. In the security look for the unknown sources.
  3. Now you have to install the Download GameGuardian App on your smartphone.
  4. When the installation gets complete now open the app from your Android App drawer.
  5. That’s it. Now your device is ready to enjoy the excellent feature of this app.

How you can use Game Guardian App ?

Now you have downloaded the app. It’s time to get the benefit of this app by using it. It looks complicated when you start but as proceed it will become easy for you. The steps of using this app is easy and are as follows-

  • Firstly open the GameGuardian App and minimize it. Choose the game that you want to hack and GameGuardian icon will appear on it.
  • Now go into the search bar and set the value. If you have no idea about the value then set the auto. The feature will automatically allot the appropriate value.
  • Now look for the value that you want to alter such as health, money, gem etc. you can change all this values.
  • If you want to reduce the number of the value then than you have to scan again for the new value.
  • In the last step select all the values and change it.
  • That’s it. You have learnt enough about how to hack the games and apps. You can also watch from YouTube to learn more hacking about it.

Let me tell you the various awesome features of GameGuardian which are as follows:

  1. Data types: the app support different data type to search the values like float, array, double, binary.
  2. Scanning: the app Scan the covered value you can alter them to increase the game resources.
  3. Speed hack: this feature will help you to maintain the record of the value before it gets changed.
  4. God Mode: in this function if your game is in the God mode then your game will live unlimited. Your game will never die.
  5. Hiding: this app hides itself so that no one can detect that hacking tool. No one find out that many changes are made in their games.
  6. Experience: it increases your experience by giving you unlimited money, gems, score and many more. It increases the user experience.
  7. Increases time period: this feature is also known as Time double feature in which it allows you to speed up the time period of the game. You can enjoy more the games with awesome speed.

All this are few features of the GameGuardian App. But when you use it you can explore some new features of this app.


In this post we introduce you from the biggest hacking tool called GGuardian Download. You can use it and download it from our website and we have mentioned all the steps to download the app and the procedure for using this app. It has several features so I personally suggest you to use it . If you any queries related to this app you can ask us. We would love to help you out. Hope this post will proof beneficial for you.

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